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Street food of China




Every crack in the wall opens up to expose another world behind it.

Food culture really fascinates me and as an expat in China, it really is captivating. A new world to be explored, unfamiliar to the average Londoner. The streets, jostling with unique personalities, unfamiliar faces and unknown traditions. The alleyways, fabulously cluttered with food shacks and rickety stalls selling pungent-smelling, yet wonderfully tasting edible delights to feast to one’s heart’s content. I tried to capture some of these moments…

There is no right or wrong place nor time to eat. No eating restrictions in chaotic surroundings. If hunger strikes then why not satisfy it.


Fruit and veg stalls at every street corner, the owners, happily enjoying each meal of the day at their place of work.


Backstreets filled with students, snacking and smoking until the early hours of the morning.


Naked BBQs on glossy black, smooth pebbles emitting heat and meaty wafts to their surroundings.


Craftsmen creating their artisan skewers, complete with squid, pork and beef, ready to be consumed by the hungry passers-by.


Children filling up on their daily dose of sugar-highs from popping corn vendors.




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