Open Sushi Bowl (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


You want some sushi but you really can’t be arsed to make it…what do you do?

  1. Stop being lazy and go make it
  2. Eat something else
  3. You don’t know how to make it so you get take out
  4. Stick every sushi-like thing in a bowl

We’re going with option number 4 here. Create a ‘bowl’ – it seems to be a trend right now (though I still don’t get the smoothie one, why?!) – which requires no rolling or anything as niggly as that and the less fuss or learning to be had, the better it is for any hungry individual.


I haven’t written quantities because that will depend on a number of factors:
a) how greedy you are
b) how much you love salad (maybe you want less of the stuff)
c) how big your bowl is
d) how many bowls you want to make (for others, or just for yourself, I’m not judging!)


Serving size:
Serves 1

Ingredients for salad:
• Pickled cucumber
• Pickled ginger
• Dragon fruit
• Mango
• Rice
• Pan fried tofu
• Carrot
• Apple

Ingredients for dressing:
• 1tbsp soy sauce
• 1tbsp agave nectar
• 1tbsp rice vinegar
• 2 cloves garlic crushed
• 1tsp ginger crushed


  1. Cut all vegetables in a not-so-ordinary or lazy way (or you can go for bog standard chopping if you’re not into the
    fancy stuff)
  2. Arrange everything nicely in the bowl (or box if you’re being really traditional)

Now you can enjoy sushi without the hassle.

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