Hot Chocolate and Lazy Days


I thought it was about time I started utilising some non-entity posts into my blog as quite frankly, it’s a tad too much effort writing out recipes every damn day! You know how great it feels just writing some bullshit, knowing I don’t have to bang out a recipe after I’ve written this speal (not that the rest of my posts aren’t full of bullshit, but this bullshit is much easier to write and a heck of a lot less time-consuming!).

But the least I can do is make this bullshit aesthetically pleasing so here’s a nice close up of my hot chocolate…


And just so you do have a little bit of a back story, I wanted to do nothing else other than drink hot chocolate on my day off and sit next to a fire (I don’t have one so I put on 10-hour YouTube ‘crackling log fire’ video to give me the illusion I was next to one, it worked!).

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