Millet chips and dips (vegan | gluten-free)

Have you ever come across an item in a grocery store and thought ‘what the fuck is this?!

It happens to me in China all the time. There are countless weirdo foods out there in this big wide world, many that I have never seen or heard of, especially in England. Ok, maybe some of the foods aren’t so aesthetically weird, but they’re pretending to be another food and that’s what makes them weird! For example, millet.


Millet is a grain that aesthetically resembles couscous. However, nutritionally it’s a little closer to the infamous quinoa, that grain we all know as the high protein one. Well okay so quinoa is a complete protein, but millet’s almost on the same level. Yes, so it’s missing the amino acid lysine and has a little less protein overall, but it still deserves some credit. In terms of taste and texture, I’d say it has superiority over quinoa. It is fluffy, malleable and doesn’t begin life with a bitter taste.


After a night out with some friends, we came back to mine and I had some leftovers, which we tucked into. I asked one of them why couscous in China takes way longer to cook than the one I had back in England, after which she retorted,  ‘oh that’s millet, not couscous’!

And so began my experimental journey with this new little grain. First port of call, crisps!


Who doesn’t love a good bag of crisps? So versatile- nights in, nights out, day trips, night trips, or whatever day and night events might occur, crisps are the perfect snack for those with an adoration for everything salty. Try the millet versions, I’ve never had crispier!


Serving size:

Serves 4


Ingredients for crisps:

  • 500g cooked millet
  • 1 tsp salt
  • Oil to grease




  • Combine the millet and salt in a bowl.
  • Using slightly wet or greased hands, mash and squeeze the doughy mixture so that the individual grains become one big lump.
  • Form into little patties between the palms of your hands and flatten, gently placing onto a greased baking tray.
  • Brush each round with oil and bake at 200C for 30 minutes. The crisps should become a more vibrant yellow, with the edges slightly golden and the texture crunchy.
  • Serve immediately.


Give them a generous sprinkle of dried chili or mixed herbs if you fancy yet another change.

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