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This little knuckle of a shoot sure throws a good punch. Historically considered a powerful vampire repellent, its strong flavour and aroma characteristics somewhat resemble that of its older sister, the stout and sturdy onion. I often use this little family in most of my savoury recipes and what I love is the versatility in flavour, texture and colour that garlic demonstrates in its cooked form.


When garlic is nicely roasted, it is transformed from this hard, little, pungent-smelling of a thing to a wonderfully fragrant, sticky, soft beauty. When sweated in a pan, it becomes a hump of mush, but this is the perfect match for a dish such as the infamous curry as you want it more for flavour rather than texture. When pan fried as slices in some hot oil, it begins to caramelise and change the colour of its coat from milk-white to glossy brown. The longer it is left in the heat, the crispier it becomes. It’s so flexible and I think it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

So today, it gets it own post!


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