2018 Nodle (1 of 1)Food Flaneur (AKA Reena) is a dietitian as well as a culinary drifter, attempting to explore what the food world has to offer.  

Don’t expect anything too serious, the ultra long backstories, lengthy photo galleries (‘hanger’ disaster waiting to happen) – you’re here for recipes, period!

This blog features an array of vegan recipes (though no judgement if you’re not vegan), concise but abstract stories and a few bits and bobs on macros and micros along the way.

Her motto, Eat, Explore, Encompass, basically means – enjoy what you eat, explore the world’s palettes and encompass your own food knowledge and experiences in the heart of your kitchen.

Pop by to the blog any time xxx

PS – Here’s a link for your convenience https://www.foodflaneur.com/ so you can visit Food Flaneur from your phone or even send to friends and family if you think they’ll find the recipes handy.