2018 Nodle (1 of 1)Food Flaneur is a culinary drifter, attempting to explore what the food world has on offer for humans.  As an explorer with an open mind, there is no set niche or genre that is followed here. However, most recipes are vegan in nature, but there is no shame in using meat and dairy now and again so they will also crop up.

You should know, I’m not one for long backstories and if I just want a recipe, I don’t fancy reading someone’s life story about how they stumbled across some new food during a visit to Martha’s vineyard with their husband and kids! Albeit, there will be a short, hopefully entertaining story, but every effort will be made not to clutter pages with too many words or photos, especially where hunger is involved (recipe for a ‘hanger’ disaster).

In addition, should you have any questions linked to nutrition-associated health, as a dietitian, I might be of some help, so send your questions my way.

Reena AKA Food Flaneur x