2-Ingredient DIY Soy Milk (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

What I love about making my own milk is that it’s just a cool thing to say to people when they drink it! Well once you’ve clarified that it’s not sourced from your bosom to clear any confusion (if you’re a woman- not that I had to verify that at all). It may be a… Continue reading 2-Ingredient DIY Soy Milk (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


Matcha Latte (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

Every good week ends with a matcha latte. Or starts with one, you choose. Full of antioxidants and just all round tasty, it's always a good choice. Simply mix a teaspoon of matcha powder with your choice of milk and sweetener, heat and enjoy. Serve chilled if it's a warm day, both hot and cold… Continue reading Matcha Latte (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


Coffee Ice Cubes (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

A simple recipe that never ceases to impress. Dark, sexy and shapely, these cubes composed of rich, chocolatey coffee with nutty undertones and a warm stone fruit fragrance singing through their very existence, are perfectly complemented with droplets of sugar syrup and lashings of creamy coconut milk. If you're a coffee connoisseur, you'll know that… Continue reading Coffee Ice Cubes (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


Mulled Wine (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

No matter how much of it you make, there never seems to be enough mulled wine. I suppose most people tend to drink it as though it's simply a more delicious cup of tea, but because it's so superior, it goes down much quicker and nobody desires just one cup- second, third and even fourth… Continue reading Mulled Wine (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


Christmas Tea (vegan| gluten-free | fat-free)

As I drink my Christmas tea and write this article the song 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' is echoing throughout my flat on full blast via my crappy bluetooth speaker, but no matter how terrible the sound quality, it couldn't feel more like Christmas! This tea has it all, sweet cinnamon, warmth… Continue reading Christmas Tea (vegan| gluten-free | fat-free)

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No-nice cream smoothie bowl (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

Maybe it just comes down to me being a bitch, but I really hate photos of smoothie bowls. And not just the photos, but the idea of putting a smoothie into a bowl. Why does anyone need to put a viscous liquid into a dish when it doesn’t require a spoon to eat it?! It… Continue reading No-nice cream smoothie bowl (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)