Banoffee Pie Chia Puds (vegan | gluten-free)

I never thought I’d give into chia seeds. I assumed they were a passing dietary fad that would die out, but it doesn’t seem that way. Well I guess it’ll happen eventually, I just thought it would be much sooner. Anyway, so it hasn’t, so here I am, with a bag of extortionately priced chia… Continue reading Banoffee Pie Chia Puds (vegan | gluten-free)


Chocolate and Walnut Banana Bread (vegan | high protein)

Believe it or not, but I have actually met people in this life time who do not like anything whatsoever to do with bananas. Their texture, their shape, their smell, their entire existence basically. It’s a little uncalled for, but who knows what banana-associated childhood trauma they encountered. Maybe they were fed too much banana… Continue reading Chocolate and Walnut Banana Bread (vegan | high protein)