Vegan Mayo (vegan | gluten-free)

I’m not going to lie- I do love mayonnaise slathered on pretty much everything. But now that I’m vegan, my options have become more limited and definitely more expensive. So what’s a vegan to do? Make my own cheapskate version obviously, yeah boi! Which involves leftover chickpea water (AKA aquafaba) so you're literally not throwing… Continue reading Vegan Mayo (vegan | gluten-free)


Magical Meringues (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

This is a true story…vegans magically conjured up a light, airy, white, fluffy cloud of a meringue mix using just chickpea waste water. The day I discovered this was a life-changing moment for me. ‘Aquafaba’- a name I’ve only recently familiarised myself with- a few years too late, but better late than never. It literally… Continue reading Magical Meringues (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


Chickpea Fudge (vegan | gluten-free)

When good has triumphed over evil, this is what you eat! An Indian sweet that takes me way back to my grandmother's cosy bungalow that, during every Autumnal October, was swarming with burning candles and muticoloured tea lights for the ancient celebration of light known as Diwali. Celebrated widely in the north of India and… Continue reading Chickpea Fudge (vegan | gluten-free)