Sweet and Sour Tofu (vegan | gluten-free)

We all know Chinese food in England isn’t authentic Chinese food, but that’s not to say it tastes bad. I’ve grown up with sweet and sour chicken and it’s a taste I will never forget or want to leave behind. Though my days of chicken-eating are over, my sweet and sour cravings are still prominent.… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Tofu (vegan | gluten-free)


Smoky BBQ Sauce (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

When there’s a BBQ you know it’s a bloody good day. Sun (which is a rarity in England), Pimms, grilled-everything and best of all, the sides. For me, sides are really a little piece of heaven, and there’s always so many to choose from. Though I’m one of those annoying people that takes their sweet… Continue reading Smoky BBQ Sauce (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


Smoky Tofu Steak with Sticky Cola Sauce (vegan | gluten-free)

Tofu steak? Yes, it might appear deceptive, especially to the carnivores out there, and for that I apologise. I know how you feel…it was like the time I was in NYC and ordered cauliflower steak- I was under the impression that I would receive a fat juicy steak accompanied by some potentially meek and mild… Continue reading Smoky Tofu Steak with Sticky Cola Sauce (vegan | gluten-free)


Sticky Toffee Cake and Custard Breakfast (vegan | gluten-free)

Yeah I went there, I had sticky toffee cake and custard for breakfast today and I didn’t bloody feel an ounce of guilt. Do you want to know why? Because that’s just how I fucking roll. No only joking, I definitely don’t roll that way, but I have managed to make this pudding worthy of… Continue reading Sticky Toffee Cake and Custard Breakfast (vegan | gluten-free)