Sweet and Sour Tofu (vegan | gluten-free)

We all know Chinese food in England isn’t authentic Chinese food, but that’s not to say it tastes bad. I’ve grown up with sweet and sour chicken and it’s a taste I will never forget or want to leave behind. Though my days of chicken-eating are over, my sweet and sour cravings are still prominent.… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Tofu (vegan | gluten-free)


Mint Choc Chip Coconut Cookie Dough (vegan | gluten-free)

Coconut flour this, coconut flour that, literally I’m sick at the sound of this bloody coconut flour...that’s why I thought I’d use it. Well everyone’s hyping it up! I’ve got to see what all the fuss is about. Wanted to start with something piss easy so cookie dough naturally came to mind. Also, it’s almost… Continue reading Mint Choc Chip Coconut Cookie Dough (vegan | gluten-free)


Grape Jam (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)

It’s definitely a fact that the best thing grapes can be turned into is wine. Ok, well maybe it’s an opinion, but I’m sure at least fifty percent of humans would not beg to differ! The next best thing in the list of world’s best food and beverages is definitely toast. I don’t know how… Continue reading Grape Jam (vegan | gluten-free | fat-free)


2-Step Peach and Plum Candy Compote (vegan + gluten-free + fat-free)

I deceive you not when I say this really does taste like sour peach sweets, one of my top five candies of all time. Peaches are such cheeky little, playful fruits, with their teasing bum-like shape and baby fluff exterior- although that description makes them sound pretty strange and almost disgusting, but that juicy, soft… Continue reading 2-Step Peach and Plum Candy Compote (vegan + gluten-free + fat-free)