Epic Cookie Sandwich (vegan)

Not really a recipe here, more a showcase of what you can do when you've baked too much and no longer have storage in your fridge or freezer for the remains! But worry not, if you want to make this, the individual recipes are up on the blog, you just have to dig deep and… Continue reading Epic Cookie Sandwich (vegan)


Blueberry muffin ice cream truffles (vegan)

Whether in the form of intricate petit-fours or fruiting underground mushrooms, truffles are such a food of decadence and culinary snobbery. Muffins are somewhat the opposite- their consumption reflects the day to day mundane routines we endure, gobbled up non-fussily, any time of the day, usually in a rush, to fill that gap which yearns… Continue reading Blueberry muffin ice cream truffles (vegan)